Best Practice Caregiving: Guiding Organizations to Dementia Programs for Family Caregivers


The number of individuals living with dementia is steadily increasing, and family caregivers for individuals with dementia frequently experience challenges with maintaining their own physical, emotional, and financial health. While programs that provide support, information, and training for dementia caregivers have been shown to be effective, many caregivers either do not have access to or do not know about these programs.

The Best Practice Caregiving online database provides organizations serving patients with dementia and their caregivers with a searchable and data-rich resource to select from and compare more than 40 evidence-based programs on dementia caregiving across the U.S. The database enables organizations to review the evidence base, implementation requirements, needed training, and implementation experiences associated with different dementia caregiving programs. The comprehensive information on each evidence-based program will equip health and social service organizations to evaluate and identify the programs that best align with their funding, existing programs, and specific populations they work with to help them successfully implement these programs for the caregivers they serve.

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Population Addressed
Frail Older Adults
People with Multiple Chronic Conditions
Key Questions Answered
  • What are evidence-based programs to support dementia caregiving?
  • How can health care organizations identify the best dementia caregiving program to serve family caregivers within a particular setting and funding environment?
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