The ROI Calculator for Partnerships to Address the Social Determinants of Health

Victor Tabbush
Technical Assistance Tool

This tool is a calculator designed to assist community-based organizations and their health care partners in creating financial arrangements to fund social services for patients with complex needs. It is intended to help health systems, payers, medical providers, social service providers, and community-based organizations calculate the overall return on investment (ROI) from integrating social services such as nutritional support, transportation, and housing with medical care. The calculator compares how the financial returns and risks could be divided between the cross-sectional partners under a variety of payment models.

It is built on the Return on Investment Calculator from The SCAN Foundation, which quantifies the financial case for person-centered care.

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Population Addressed
Adults Under 65 with Disabilities
People with Advanced Illness
Frail Older Adults
People with Multiple Chronic Conditions
People with Behavioral Health and Social Needs
Key Questions Answered
  • How can health care organizations and community-based social service organizations create mutually beneficial financial arrangements to fund integrated care for persons with complex needs?
  • How does this calculator work?
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