The Opioid Use Disorder Prevention Playbook

Paul Wormeli
Implementation Tool
February 2019

This resource highlights a variety of prevention-focused programs, initiatives and strategies (plays) focused on the opioid use epidemic.

  • The resource describes 11 plays that are supported by evidence or by expert opinion as helpful in preventing opioid use disorders. Examples include: remove the stigma; reduce the use of opioids for pain mitigation; and reduce the supply of opioids from illegitimate sources.
  • The plays are synopsized, along with additional relevant data about them, including the results of evaluations (where available) and links to resources to obtain further information.
  • The playbook also provides background and context relating to the epidemic, as well as insights into why multi-sector collaboration, interoperability, and information-sharing are critical to efforts to combat the crisis.
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Key Questions Answered
  • What are some effective strategies to combat the opioid use epidemic?
  • What is the evidence for their effectiveness?
  • What are some general elements that are key to a comprehensive approach to addressing the crisis?