Compendium of Five Case Studies: Lessons for Interprofessional Teamwork

Key Questions Answered
  • What are some promising approaches to interprofessional education and primary care education?
  • Where have they been tried, and what are the results?
    Key Themes and Takeaways

    This report is a compendium of five case studies that describe lessons learned from implementing innovative interprofessional education (IPE) approaches at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

    • In 2012, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) started five Centers of Excellence of Primary Care Education to serve as incubators for implementing new models of learning in practice. The centers are located in Boise, ID, Cleveland, OH, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, and West Haven, CT.
    • This report shares examples of educational strategies that have emerged from the first four academic years of the project.
    • Each example emphasizes workplace-learning strategies to achieve at least one of the following curricular domains: shared decision-making, sustained relationships, performance improvement, and interprofessional practice.
    • The Boise case study specifically focuses on implementing a Patient Aligned Care Team Interprofessional Care Update (PACT ICU) program to improve care for complex patients. The case study describes evidence demonstrating that the PACT ICU is achieving both improved trainee learning and improved patient outcomes.  
    • Common factors for success across the five centers included expertise in faculty and leadership and logistics management.
    Annette Gardner
    William G. Weppner
    Janet Willis
    Jared Bernotski
    Laura Clementz
    Renée H. Lawrence
    Mary A. Dolansky
    Alli M. Heilman
    Anne R. Rusterholtz
    Simran Singh
    Matthew Sparks
    Mamta K. Singh
    Rebecca Shunk
    Maya Dulay
    Bridget O’Brien
    Catherine P. Kaminetzky
    Anne P. Poppe
    Joyce E. Wipf
    John M. Thomas
    Marcia C. Mecca
    Anne Hyson
    Kristina M. Niehoff
    Sean Jeffery
    John Sellinger
    Rebecca Brienza
    Anna Strewler
    Population Addressed
    Adults Under 65 with Disabilities
    People with Advanced Illness
    Frail Older Adults
    People with Multiple Chronic Conditions
    People with Behavioral Health and Social Needs
    Level of Evidence
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