Impact of a Complex Chronic Care Patient Case Conference on Quality and Utilization

William G. Weppner
Kyle Davis
Rick Tivis
Janet Willis
Amber Fisher
India King
C. Scott Smith
Peer-Reviewed Article
May 2018

This resource evaluates the impact of an interprofessional case conference approach in an academic primary care clinic.

  • This study was conducted at a primary care clinic at a VA medical center.
  • The case conference is an hour-long conference, in which two primary care provider trainees present selected patients to an interprofessional team. At the end of the conference, the care plan is documented in the medical record, with specific action items for the team to complete.
  • Intervention patients demonstrated increased visits with primary care team members compared with controls. There was also a trend toward decreased urgent care and emergency visits and a significant decrease in the rate of hospitalizations.
  • Interprofessional case conferences have the potential to improve care coordination and may be associated with improved disease management, decreased unplanned care, and overall reduced hospitalizations.
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