Hospitalization Risk Screening Tool for Primary Care Providers and Teams

Key Questions Answered
  • How can providers systematically identify non-medical areas of risk for patients?
  • How can providers help test a prototype for a risk screening tool?
Key Themes and Takeaways

This resource provides a structured approach to evaluating non-medical areas of risk, such as ability for self-management (e.g., cognition, understanding, confidence, etc.), social support or isolation, ability to perform activities of daily living, and self-perception of health. The HARMS-8 screening tool is currently in a prototype phase that encourages providers to submit feedback on its utility after using it with patients.

  • Questions for the provider include:
    • Do you have any present concerns about this patient’s ability to follow the recommended treatment plan?
    • Would you be surprised if the patient were to die within the next year?
  • Questions for the patient include:
    • In general, how would you rate your current health?
    • How many prescription medications are you currently taking every day?
    • How often do you have trouble with remembering or thinking clearly?
    • If you needed immediate help for a health problem, how many friends or relatives do you feel close to such that you could call on them for help?
Population Addressed
People with Advanced Illness
People with Multiple Chronic Conditions
People with Behavioral Health and Social Needs
Level of Evidence
Expert Opinion
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