Experiences of community-dwelling older adults living with multiple chronic conditions: a qualitative study

Jenny Ploeg
Marta Canesi
Kimberly D. Fraser
Carrie McAiney
Sharon Kaasalainen
Maureen Markle-Reid
Sinead Dufour
Lisa Garland Baird
Tracey Chambers
Peer-Reviewed Article
September 2019

This resource is a study undertaken to understand the experiences of older adults living in community settings with multiple chronic conditions.

  • Common themes for study participants included depending heavily on family caregivers for support, paying high costs, and receiving health care services that do not address their complex needs.
  • There is a need for coordination of health and social services that are tailored to the needs of older adults and their informal caregivers.
  • Such an approach would facilitate information sharing between health professionals and their patients, and could result in improved health and quality of life for older adults.
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