This resource identifies challenges faced by older adults from racial and ethnic minorities, and proposes several strategies to address them.

This resource is a study evaluating an alternative in-hospital assessment to determine the need for continuing care after discharge.

This resource is a study undertaken to understand the experiences of older adults living in community settings with multiple chronic conditions.

This resource provides an evaluation of a health system’s outpatient complex case management (OPCM) program and examines whether OPCM lowers service utilization and he

This resource assesses the characteristics and health care utilization of high-cost patients and compares high-cost patients across payers and countries, based on a systemat

This resource describes a study assessing the effects of patient activation and engagement strategies on patient-reported outcomes for patients with diabetes and/or cardiovascular

This resource analyzes the drivers of cost for Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries, particularly looking at the differences between persistent and transient high costs.

This resource describes observations about root causes of high care utilization that emerged from a four-year intervention in a large population of patients with complex needs.

This resource describes the work of Congregational Health Network (CHN), which is a collaboration between Methodist le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH), clergy, and other partners to improve health care ac

This resource explores whether individuals’ levels of engagement in their care — referred to as “patient activation” — correlates with their use of services and status as “high need, high cost.” Pe

Literature about complex care management rarely represents the patient’s perspective.

This resource draws on 30 interviews with former clients of the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers.