Talking About Complex Care: Help Us Develop Messages to Advance the Field

The field of complex care is rapidly evolving as new program models emerge, the evidence base grows, and national health care priorities increasingly emphasize equity and cross-sector collaboration. Complex care is now being delivered through health care clinics, health plans, community-based organizations, and social service agencies across the country. For the complex care field to flourish, individual providers and organizations need to communicate a consistent and compelling message of what complex care is, including its value for patients, providers, and communities, as well as the case for investing in complex care programs.

The Complex Care Field Coordinating Committee is working to develop core messages to support conversations about complex care. The resulting messaging guide will help complex care stakeholders like you more effectively articulate the work you do and its value to a diverse range of audiences.

For the first step of this project, we’re looking for input from you. Please take this brief survey, by August 3, 2021, to tell us how you currently talk about the work you do when engaging with funders, peers, community members, policymakers, and more.


This project is led by the Center for Health Care Strategies and the Camden Coalition’s National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs, with support from The SCAN Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.