Toward a Serious Illness Program Design and Implementation Framework

Key Questions Answered
  • How can my organization develop an effective program for people with serious illness?
  • What are the possible business, service, and implementation considerations for such a program?
Key Themes and Takeaways

This resource proposes a Serious Illness Program Design and Implementation Framework (SIP Framework) to guide the development of programs for people with serious illness.


  • The process begins with setting a vision and completing a local needs assessment, then walking through a range of possible business models, target populations, and services to guide health care organizations in adapting programs to their local contexts.
  • Key implementation considerations include leveraging existing resources, recruiting strong leaders, assembling experienced multidisciplinary care teams, and establishing processes for program evaluation.
  • The SIP Framework is designed to inform serious illness program development, replication, and scaling; integrate with care model payment design; and inform other aspects of design such as policy, standardized measurements, and regulatory analysis.
  • Next steps for the framework include impact assessment, piloting with future programs, and monitoring program implementation.
Khue Nguyen
Theresa Schmidt
Robin Whitney
Gary Bacher
Janice Bell
Sibel Ozcelik
Population Addressed
People with Advanced Illness
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